Traffic safety management
Traf­fic safety mana­ge­ment

Acci­dent com­mis­si­ons

The work of accident commissions is a key component of the overall approach to improving road safety in Germany. The commissions bring together traffic experts from the police and road traffic and road building authorities to mitigate accident black spots.

The training required to work successfully for an accident commission should be provided across different authorities and agencies. Following a ten-year training offensive implemented by the German Insurers Accident Research (UDV) from 1999 to 2009, training opportunities are now widely available in Germany’s different federal states. However, only a few federal states offer further training following this initial training. To close this gap, on behalf of the UDV a curriculum was developed for a seminar lasting several days. Three pilot events were carried out and had been evaluated.

The evaluation revealed that the expectations of the target group were met and that the content of the seminar was deemed to be in keeping with that of a professional further training seminar. As a result of the project, the UDV makes three recommendations to federal states: to recognize the need for further training, hold regular seminars and make both initial and further training mandatory.

Furthermore the UDV held the 8th annual meeting for those involved in the training of accident commission members in October 2016. The event is designed to facilitate an exchange of experiences across Germany’s different federal states and is also the only nationwide further training opportunity offered to this target group in Germany

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