Cycling facilities, Pedestrian facilities
Cycling faci­li­ties

Acci­dents invol­ving pede­strians and cyclists

The UDV investigated accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, taking accidents in the city of Berlin as an example.

The aim was to find out the typical accidents that occur in built-up areas involving pedestrians and cyclists, the causes of these accidents and the influence of road facility design. Typical shortcomings in terms of road facility design and how traffic operates on the roads were revealed.

Thus, the design of roads and junctions at the accident black spots investigated often did not comply with the recommendations of the current guidelines. If typical accident black spots are to be improved, it is very important that the infrastructure is designed in compliance with the guidelines and that local accident commissions work rigorously and continuously to this end. Sufficient manpower and financial resources must be in place if the accident commissions are to do their work properly. Above all, however, to eliminate existing shortcomings, funds must also be made available to enable the measures recommended by the accident commissions to be implemented.

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