Rural roads
Rural roads

Effec­tiven­ess of blue wild­life war­ning reflec­tors

In a study published in 2007 on the effectiveness of white, red and acoustic reflectors, no discernible effect on accidents involving wildlife was ascertained.

After this study was published, experts increasingly stated that blue reflectors had a positive impact on wildlife accidents. The new study is the first prospective and randomized crossover study planned, conducted and analyzed to examine the effectiveness of wildlife warning reflectors. On each of the stretches of road in the study, the occurrence of wildlife accidents was recorded both with and without wildlife warning reflectors. In addition, the other question of whether, for example, infrastructural, road space-related, land use-specific or animal-specific parameters can have a significant impact on wildlife accidents was also examined. 

A reduction in wildlife accidents after wildlife warning reflectors were installed on all stretches of road in the study was neither discernible nor statistically demonstrated. That also applies to each reflector type observed. 

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