Intersections, Pedestrian facilities

Safe inter­sec­ti­ons for young and old

Children, senior citizens and people with limited mobility are often disadvantaged and at risk on the roads due to their physical and cognitive limitations, in particular when they are on foot or cycling.

The risks are particularly high at intersections. A UDV study examined whether these more vulnerable road users have specific requirements in terms of road safety at intersections, and what these requirements are.

It was revealed that the errors made by children and senior citizens at intersections are basically no different from those of other road users. It is just that they make these errors more often. Children and senior citizens don‘t need different intersections. But it is particularly important for them that the intersections are designed and run in compliance with the current guidelines. Clear rules at the intersection (e.g. a separate, signal-controlled phase for vehicles turning left), safe crossing options and clear traffic routing are particularly helpful to older people and children but also improve safety for road users of all ages.

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