Pedestrian facilities
Pede­strian faci­li­ties

Safety of zebra cros­sings

Pedestrians are in particular danger on the roads. Pedestrians account for one in seven fatalities among road users. They are most at risk when crossing roads and at intersections.

Safe crossing options are therefore required to improve the safety of pedestrians. Planners then generally have to decide whether to use a pedestrian signal, a central island or a zebra crossing.

There are many reservations about zebra crossings. But studies of the UDV show that zebra crossings, when correctly planned and implemented, can be safe. However, they should only be used provided they have certain design and other features. In particular, they must be easily recognizable both in day time and at night time, sight lines between pedestrians and drivers must be good, the speed limit must be observed (not more than 50 km/h), and crossing distances must be as short as possible.

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